Choma Market Success!

We are so excited to announce that we made K180 at Choma market last week! We gathered our self-made bags, aprons and Christmas decorations, including stars and stockings, and travelled to the people… Continue reading

Thank you Guilia!

A huge TWALUMBA (thank you in Chitonga) to the amazing Guilia who came and spent 2 days with our Young Tailors Club helping to develop and improve our products. Guilia works as a tailor for films… Continue reading

Meet Saviour, our great teacher!

For our this post we interviewed Saviour, our dedicated tailor at the Tailoring Centre. Saviour, how long have you been working at the Tailoring Centre? I started here one year and 4 months… Continue reading

The making of sanitary pads

watch our young tailors make a sanitary pad!

Mutinta, 14 years old, Grade 8

Hello. My name’s Mutinta and I’ve been coming to the Young tailor’s club for about six months. I joined to gain more knowledge of sewing and to learn how to use the machines-… Continue reading

Renox, 14 years old, Grade 8

I am Renox, I am 14 years old and I joined the Young Tailor’s Club a month ago. I joined because I am interested in sewing and I want to learn more about… Continue reading

Miyanda, 14 years old, Grade 8

Hi. I’m Miyanda from Kariba South School. Over the last year I’ve been learning how to use sewing machines and also how to cut and prepare materials. This club is fantastic because it… Continue reading

Clever, 15 years old, Grade 8

My name is Clever and I’ve been attending the Young Tailor’s Club for a year now. I’m interested in sewing which is why I joined the club but I also wanted to learn… Continue reading