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Mutinta, 14 years old, Grade 8

Hello. My name’s Mutinta and I’ve been coming to the Young tailor’s club for about six months. I joined to gain more knowledge of sewing and to learn how to use the machines-… Continue reading

Renox, 14 years old, Grade 8

I am Renox, I am 14 years old and I joined the Young Tailor’s Club a month ago. I joined because I am interested in sewing and I want to learn more about… Continue reading

Miyanda, 14 years old, Grade 8

Hi. I’m Miyanda from Kariba South School. Over the last year I’ve been learning how to use sewing machines and also how to cut and prepare materials. This club is fantastic because it… Continue reading

Clever, 15 years old, Grade 8

My name is Clever and I’ve been attending the Young Tailor’s Club for a year now. I’m interested in sewing which is why I joined the club but I also wanted to learn… Continue reading